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Fuentes de Datos

Fuentes de Datos
Las fuentes de datos recopilan entidades de un origen particular. Muchas fuentes son publicadas por autoridades gubernamentales u organizaciones internacionales.

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Name Country Entities
  ACF List of bribetakers and warmongers Russia 7,944
  African Development Bank Debarred Entities Global 907
  Argentina Members of Parliament Argentina 258
  Argentina RePET Sanctions Argentina 724
  Asian Development Bank Sanctions Global 1,783
  Australian Sanctions Consolidated List Australia 4,064
  Austria Public Officials from Meine Abgeordneten Austria 1,526
  Azerbaijan Domestic List Azerbaijan 325
  Belgian Financial Sanctions Belgium 6,313
  Brazil BCB Register of persons disqualified from senior roles Brazil 490
  Brazil Entities Prohibited from Offering Auditing Services Brazil 2
  Brazil National Register of Disreputable and Suspended Companies Brazil 13,324
  Brazil Politically Exposed Persons Brazil 134,747
  Brazil's TCU list of Debarred Bidders Brazil 148
  Brazil's TCU list of individuals disqualified from public service Brazil 528
  Bulgarian Persons of Interest Bulgaria 574
  Business Identifier Code (BIC) Reference Data   56,385
  Canada Named Research Organizations list Canada 252
  Canadian Listed Terrorist Entities Canada 77
  Canadian Special Economic Measures Act Sanctions Canada 4,213
  Cayman Islands Members of Parliament Cayman Islands 62
  Cayman Islands senior judicial officers Cayman Islands 21
  China Sanctions lists (partial) China 75
  Chinese military companies United States 90
  CIA World Factbook heads of state and government United States 1,207
  CIA World Leaders United States 11,191
  Colombia Joining the Dots PEPs Colombia 188
  Colombian Administrative Department of Public Service PEP Declarations Colombia 10,053
  Custom research data   38
  Cyprus Companies and Corporate Officers Cyprus 1,287
  Czechia business register Czech Republic 1,586
  DPRK Reports United Kingdom 4,596
  Dutch National Sanctionlist Terrorism Netherlands 125
  EBRD Ineligible entities Global 18
  Entities sanctioned under EU Council Regulation 2023/2878 European Union 592
  Estonia e-Business Register (E-äriregister) Estonia 143
  Estonia Members of the Riigikogu Estonia 102
  EU Consolidated Travel Bans European Union 3,894
  EU Early Detection and Exclusion System (EDES) European Union 5
  EU ESMA Financial Instruments Reference Data System (FIRDS) European Union 130,962
  EU ESMA Sanctions European Union 625
  EU ESMA Suspensions and Removals European Union 3,815
  EU Financial Sanctions Files (FSF) European Union 6,046
  EU Prominent Public Functions European Union 1,392
  EU Sanctions Map European Union 98
  Europe's most wanted fugitives European Union 54
  Every Politician   59,042
  FBI Most Wanted United States 419
  FBK Recommended List of Individuals for Sanctioning (Navalny 35) Russia 33
  Forbes 2021 List of Russian Billionaires Russia 101
  Freezing Assets of Corrupt Foreign Officials Act Canada 24
  French Freezing of Assets France 6,253
  French Mayors France 69,768
  French National Assembly France 3,983
  French Senators France 1,026
  Georgian Otkhozoria–Tatunashvili List Georgia 33
  Hong Kong Principal Officials Hong Kong SAR China 52
  ICIJ Offshore Leaks Database   26,885
  Indian Ministry of Home Affairs Banned Organizations India 139
  Indonesia 2018 Regional Head Election Results Indonesia 652
  Inter-American Development Bank Sanctions Global 1,981
  INTERPOL Red Notices   6,783
  Israel Knesset members Israel 497
  Israel Sanctioned Crypto Wallets List Israel 626
  Israel Terrorists Organizations and Unauthorized Associations lists Israel 847
  Japan Economic sanctions and list of eligible people Japan 3,480
  Kazakh Terrorist and Terror Financing lists Kazakhstan 2,597
  Kyrgyz National List Kyrgyzstan 1,171
  Latvia FIU Sanctions Latvia 5
  Latvian Saeima Latvia 101
  Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) Reference Data   54,153
  Liechtenstein Posted Workers Act (EntsG) Sanctions Liechtenstein 519
  Lithuania Illegal financial services Lithuania 99
  Lithuania Illegal Gambling Operators Lithuania 1,580
  Lithuania Members of the Seimas Lithuania 141
  Lithuanian FIU International Sanctions Lithuania 31
  LSEG PermID Open Data   2,450
  Malaysian MOHA Sanctions List Malaysia 124
  Members of German Legislatures from AbgeordnetenWatch Germany 2,645
  Members of the European Commitee of the Regions European Union 606
  Members of the European Parliament European Union 925
  Members of the Hong Kong Legislative Council Hong Kong SAR China 190
  Members of the National Assembly of Venezuela Venezuela 275
  Members of the Parliament of Cuba Cuba 471
  Members of the United States Congress United States 1,255
  Mexico's deputies Mexico 501
  Mexico's governors Mexico 91
  Mexico's senators Mexico 128
  Moldovan ban list of economic operators Moldova 80
  Moldovan sanctions for terrorism and proliferation of WMD Moldova 781
  NCA Most Wanted United Kingdom 22
  Netherlands Police Nationale Opsporingslijst (Wanted) Netherlands 18
  New Zealand Russia Sanctions New Zealand 1,659
  Nigeria Joining the Dots PEPs and PEP Relatives Nigeria 4,403
  Nigeria Sanctions List Nigeria 19
  Nigerian Politically Exposed Persons data by Chipper Nigeria 42,765
  Norges Bank Investment Management observation and exclusion of companies Norway 190
  North Macedonia elected and appointed officials North Macedonia 9,619
  OHCHR List of companies linked to illegal settlement in the West Bank Global 97
  OpenCorporates   966
  OpenFIGI Securities Information   4,549
  Pakistan NACTA Proscribed Persons Pakistan 2,302
  Palestine Monetary Authority Local Freezing List Palestinian Territories 5
  PEPs from Chile interest and asset declarations Chile 7,172
  Polish list of persons and entities subject to sanctions Poland 507
  Polish sanctions countering money laundering and terror financing Poland 486
  Qatar Unified Record of Persons and Entities on Sanction List Qatar 711
  ransomwhe.re ransomware addresses   10,454
  Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia (Uzņēmumu reģistrs) Latvia 82
  RISE Moldova People of interest Moldova 1,045
  Rosfinmonitoring List of terrorists and extremists Russia 18,296
  Rosfinmonitoring WMD-related entities Russia 328
  RuPEP Public Database of PEPs in Russia and Belarus Russia 86,467
  Russian National Settlement Depository (NSD, ISIN Assignment) Russia 25,066
  Russian Oligarch Database   169
  Russian PMC Wagner mercenaries (Myrotvorets list) Russia 3,993
  Russian Unified State Register of Legal Entities (EGRUL) Russia 159,111
  Singapore Targeted Financial Sanctions Singapore 46
  Slovenia Business Restrictions Slovenia 5,801
  Slovenian political officials from Zvezoskop Slovenia 367
  South Africa Wanted Persons South Africa 511
  South African Targeted Financial Sanctions South Africa 887
  State Register of legal entities in the Republic of Moldova Moldova 28
  Swiss FINMA Final Rulings Switzerland 28
  Swiss FINMA Warning List Switzerland 1,545
  Swiss SECO Sanctions/Embargoes Switzerland 7,995
  UK Companies House Disqualified Directors United Kingdom 3,026
  UK Companies House People with Significant Control United Kingdom 14,341
  UK HMT/OFSI Consolidated List of Targets United Kingdom 5,869
  UK HMT/OFSI Investment Bans United Kingdom 12
  UK Proscribed Terrorist Groups or Organizations United Kingdom 91
  Ukraine Consolidated State Registry Ukraine 2,139
  Ukraine NABC Sanctions Tracker Ukraine 39,906
  Ukraine NSDC State Register of Sanctions Ukraine 17,120
  Ukraine SFMS Blacklist Ukraine 868
  UN Security Council Consolidated Sanctions   1,233
  United Arab Emirates Local Terrorist List United Arab Emirates 293
  Uruguayan Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) Uruguay 6,814
  US Anti-Kleptocracy and Human Rights Visa Restrictions United States 528
  US BIS Denied Persons List United States 508
  US DEA Fugitives United States 617
  US Directorate of Defense Trade Controls AECA Debarments United States 751
  US Directorate of Defense Trade Controls Penalties & Oversight Agreements United States 67
  US Health and Human Sciences Inspector General Exclusions United States 79,165
  US Legislators by Plural (formerly OpenStates) United States 11,516
  US NTEEA Section 353 Corrupt and Undemocratic Actors Report United States 153
  US OCC Enforcement Actions United States 5,667
  US OFAC Consolidated (non-SDN) List United States 1,172
  US OFAC Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) List United States 28,296
  US Public Alert: Unregistered Soliciting Entities (PAUSE) United States 1,577
  US SAM Procurement Exclusions United States 96,102
  US State Department Cuba Sanctions United States 563
  US State Department Senior Officials United States 590
  US Trade Consolidated Screening List (CSL) United States 18,556
  US Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA) Entity List United States 39
  Wikidata   224,947
  Wikidata Entities of Interest   3,928
  Wikidata Politically Exposed Persons   183,397
  WorldBank Debarred Providers

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